Repairing canning machinery

At Fanser we are experts in machine repair. Below are a few examples of our repair works:

Fanser was founded as a company whose goal wasthe repair of canning machinery. For years its main objective was aimed at ensuring that this type of machinerywould alwaysbe functioning in tip top condition. However, meeting the demands of its customers, Fanser entered the manufacturing business.

However,it did not forget its roots, and althoughit currently stands out in the manufacturing of canning machinery,it also continues to offer the best repair service for seaming and fillingmachines.


Fanser, Canning Machinery Repair

Fanser’s canning machinery repair process is executed through 5 stages which are:

  1. Receivingmachinery, the Fanser team is responsible for receiving the machinery that needs to be repaired.In this first stage it is the customer whoexplains what is wrong with the machine, thenFanserprofessionals will have to do a thorough inspection of it.
  2. Inspection and cleaning, at this stage the detailed inspection mentioned above is carried out, as well as complete and thorough cleaning of the machinery, to make way for overhaul, once the fault is detected.
  3. Refurbishment of damagedparts, when inspection is done, any fault is detected, howeversmall it may seem. In this third stage, a timely solution is given to each of the faults that the machinery
  4. Assembly,when the fault has been detected and the damaged parts have been changed, the machine is assembled.
  5. Start-up, finally the start-up is carried out to check that everything has been resolved efficiently.


Fast and effective canning machine repair

For decades it has been a priority of Fanser’sthat the canning machinerywhich arrives at the facility, be repaired in the shortest possible time, so that the customer can make use of it. But just as we guarantee speed, we guarantee effectiveness.

The repairs that Fanser professionals carry out always yield the best results.  Our goal is that you get the most out of your machinery, we help perfect the production process of your industry.


Importance of repairing canning machinery

In almost all cases the repair of canning machinery is more feasible than replacing it. And when you leave the repair in the hands of professionals, you can be guaranteed that your machine will look and operate as new, but without having to make too big an investment.

This is what our professionals guarantee you, 100% functional canning machinery. In addition, we are also dedicated to refurbishing machinery to offer to our customers, after all,used machinery is perfect to optimise the productionarea, with a lower monetary investment.

Fanser is a market leader when it comes to the repair, customisation and construction of canningmachinery. If something goes wrong with your manufacturing equipment, do not hesitate to entrust us with the repair.We are the best in the area, all our years of experience guarantee it.