Machines revolutionised the industrial sector, every process was simplified when seaming machines, can fillers, or other machines, which allowed the work to be done faster and more accurately, became available. Those who venture into the industrial food sector need machines, but they are faced with the dilemma of obtaining a new or a used machine for canning.

In the case of the canned food industry, can filling and seaming machines are essential.However, new ones can come at high cost. And the used ones, for some, they are unreliable.


What is meant by used machinery?

Used machinery, means previously used or second-hand.Many new companies opt for this type of machinery to start an adequate and economical production process.

However, some consider that buying used canningmachinerymeans purchasing a unit with reduced service life, which will not work at full capacity. However, if you know where to buy, this does not have to be so.You can getfunctional, effective machinery, in the best possible condition.


What advantages does used canning machinery offer?

Although many consider that buying used canned machinery is not a good option. The advantages that these machines offer tell a different story. Find out what we mean below.

  • When you buy second-hand machinery, or used machinery,you can save up to 50%, compared to buying new machinery. If you’re starting out in the industrial sector, saving some money is always a good option.
  • Reduced delivery time.This is another great advantage of used canning machinery, you will receive the machine immediately. When you buy new machinery, between paperwork, payments, and other formalities, you won’t be able to use the machine directly.

Time is money in the industrial sector, the faster you have the machinery, the faster you start producing, and making money.

  • Take care of the environment, by buying second-handmachinery, you prevent it frombeing discarded.Moreover, you save the environment all the pollution that the process of new machinery generates.

It is important to keep in mind that when buying used machinery, you must choose a renowned company. At Fanser we have used can seaming machinesin the best conditions.


Fanser, reliable, durable used machinery

AtFanser you can buy used canning machinery,of the bestquality, the best brands and in the best condition.

  • Angelus can seamers

The used Angelus cansealing machines offered by Fanser are reliable and in the best possible condition. A can sealer with a speed of 200 BPM and the capacity of 200 tins per minute. Angelus 29P and Angelus 40P, we have both models.

  • Somme seamers

Somme can sealers are the perfect combination of efficiency and performance. Designed to make it easier to seal cans of various types and sizes, some models have speeds of up to 600 cans per minute.

  • Comacoseamers

In general,Comaco can sealers are high speed ones. Theyare able to function with various can formats, ranging from 50-73mm in diameter, and in terms of height, from 50-210mm.