With the mass production of all types of food, many challenges arose, one being how to achieve greater preservation of said foods, as well as how to store it a more practical way. In the process of offering a solution to both problems, can filler and seaming machines set the tone.

Over time the seamers evolved, extending the shelf life of packaged foods. Vacuumcan seamers were key in the perfection of the can filling and sealing industries.Today they are still essential in the industrial food sector.


What is vacuum packaging?

Vacuum packaging is a food storage system which guarantees longer durability. The process is simple, through the use of vacuum can seaming machines,the extraction of the air from the container holding thefood is carried out.

When vacuum occurs inside the container, oxygen is extracted from the container.It is precisely the absence of oxygen that will prevent food from perishing more quickly.


How do vacuum canseamer machines work?

Although there are many models of vacuum can filling and sealing machines, in general, the operation of this industrial machinery is similar.

  • First, the container to be used for the storage of food is prepared. The container can be of glass, plastic, etc. and also bags or cans.
  • Then the food is placed in the container and taken to the vacuum chamber, where the air will be extracted.
  • Finally, the sealing process is carried out.

The operation of a vacuum canseamer is not very complex, although it is meticulous. Without any doubt, the existence of these machines greatly simplified the industrial food sector.


Types of Fanser Vacuum Can Sealers

Fanser is leader in the sale of sealing and filling machinery, the former, HSV seamers,are our specialty. These refer to a range ofhigh vacuumseamers, entirelymade of steel.The containers used in the process are made of brass and glass.

The production of this type ofvacuumcanseaming machine varies from model to model, but generally ranges from about 30 to 300 containers per minute. In addition, they can be easily adapted to a wide variety of formats, 72-153mm in diameter and from 50-250 mm in height. From the HSV range you can choose between 3 models, these are:

  • HSV1:

It has a single vacuum chamber, the production rate is about 6 containers per minute. The diameter is 73-153mm, and the height is 50-250mm.

  • HSV 10:

This seamer has a total of 10 vacuum chambers.The production rate varies from 80 to 150 containers per minute. As for the diameter, it ranges from 73-153 mm and 50-250 mm in height.

  • HSV 36:

This vacuum can seamer model has a total of 36 vacuum chambers.The production rate is similar to the previous model, between 80 and 150 containers per minute. The diameter is 73mm and the height is 50mm.

Fanser is a front runner in vacuum can seaming machines in Murcia,offering each industry the machine that best suits its productionsystem.

High vacuum packaging systems

Food packaging systems have undergone many changes since their inception.Nowadays the systems are more modern and have been perfected to ensure greater durability of food.

Vacuumpackaging is a packaging method that is gaining importance due to its efficiency. The high vacuum packaging system is carried out by removing air from the packaging or wrapping ensuring that the packaged food can be preserved for a longer time.


How does a vacuum packaging machine work?

Each vacuum packaging machine has its own characteristics;however, they have a number of characteristics, associated to their functioning, in common. Among those featureswe can mention:

  • Preparation of the product and packaging.This refers to the process where the container, which can be a bag or can, is prepared. Moreover, the type of food that will be packaged is also prepared, for example, meat.
  • In this step the container is placed in the machine to extract the air from within.
  • Finally, when the food has been placed in the container, the air is extracted; it is sealed. In some cases, before the can is sealed, protective gases are added that will allow the food to have a longer shelf life.


Fanser’sOpenVac System

Fanser, along withSodetech and Auxiliar Conservera, have managed to create an innovative packaging method known as the OpenVac system. This system consists of an airtight sealing process of the container, but, with an easy-opentab.

This system allows people to open the container, just by removing a tab.Thisprocess makes the closing system saferand cleaner, because you won’t have to worry about splashing.


How does the OpenVacseaming system work?

  • A high vacuum atmosphere is created; this is thanks to all the air being extracted from the container.
  • The vacuum produced will lead to the temperature rising faster, but there is no risk of food being damaged. This results in shorter pasteurisation and sterilisation time.
  • A strip or tab is placed on the container, which will allow theeasy opening system to take place. It also ensures that the sealing is carried out perfectly.

Thanks to the OpenVachigh vacuum packaging system,considerable energy saving is achieved in the industry.This is because the thermal processes are much shorter. In addition, there is another range ofadvantages such as longer-lasting foods, no need for preservatives, food vitamins and minerals being maintained,possibility to use various capacities and sizes.

Fanser is market leader in the manufacturing of seaming and filling machines. Furthermore,the company stands out for the innovative design of the packaging used, such as the OpenVac system, which will undeniably revolutionise the food industry.