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Fanser is a family company founded in 1989. It is formed by a group of professionals who have over 55 years of experience in the closure of tins and cans, vacuum dosingsystems and Piston Fillers. Its origin dates back to the repair and maintenance of used and new machinery. Subsequently, due to the demand of their clients, new stainless-steelsealers and vacuum dosing machineswere developed and built by maintenance technicians. These machines have simple and user-friendly technical characteristics.

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Design and manufacture of canning machinery

Fanser is specialised in the design and manufacture of tinsealers and fillers, implementing the most cutting-edge systems in our manufacture of seamers such as the high vacuum lid closing system.

We develop special machinery for the manufacture of fish preserves such as tuna, sardine and mackerel, tins for olives, etc.

At Fanser we design and build all the machinery using the most advanced technology available in our field.